Welcome to the THNK1994 Merch of the Month Club! THE place for curated, never before seen limited edition items featuring art and signature THNK1994-isms. Order for yourself or gift it to your twin.

Each month you’ll receive an exclusive item from THNK1994 (possibilities pictured above). It may be a shirt, a sweater, a towel or something you’ve never even imagined existed. It will be practical + giftable + so chic you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Proceeds will go to the artists featured + the museum to help us continue to create exhibits!

Sign up by the 30th of the month to receive the next months item. Item will ship mid month (Example: Sign up by December 30th to receive January’s item which will ship January 15th). Domestic shipping is included! If you are interested in international shipping please contact us before signing up!

Choose your plan:

$32 a month (cancel anytime)
$26 a month (buy 6 months in advance)
$22 a month (buy a year in advance)

January’s Merch Item: