"The Olsen Twins Hiding From the Paparazzi"

Featuring Art by Laura Collins


Our most recent exhibit ran for two weeks in April and May of 2016. We met Laura Collins when she submitted a drawing of Tonya Harding to our Permanent Collection, and once we saw her series of paintings of the Olsen twins hiding behind an assortment of objects, (high end purses, turtlenecks, each other), we knew what the next phase of our museum should be.

The best part about this new phase is that it was in an actual storefront. We found an abandoned doctor's office that had a two week vacancy and didn't ask too many questions- it was perfect! The doctor’s office had a two-way mirror and left their needle exchange bins, we ended up completely transforming the space by hiding them! This is what museums do. We are a museum. The paintings (as you can see below) are stunning. Check out our gift shop if you would like to purchase a print.


Main Hall

The walls of the museum's main hall were lined with the twins hiding their faces from you behind purses, their own turtlenecks, cigarettes, etc.



To give visitors a break from the constant mystery, the exhibit featured a selfie-station named after Kylie Jenner, Madam Selfie herself. Here you were encouraged to take a selfie as long as you obscured all or at least altered your face.

We wanted it to look like a bunch of sick children had taken over a hospital.
— Matt Harkins