God Save The Queen's Explicit Music Video

It will soon be one year since the Britney Spears video Make Me was released. For those who were following the production of the video, this is a day that will forever live in infamy. By now there is, of course, a whole generation who doesn’t remember the shock and confusion of seeing what we all saw that day. We were promised a sweaty, NSFW, gravity-defying, underground warehouse party. What we got instead was a tame concept and a commercial for a Boca Raton based gym called Orange Theory. We all tried to cope and what we needed was our Queen Britney to explain herself but she obviously felt like this:

It wasn't our business but we still felt like this:

If these gifs are familiar it is because they are all from The Queen (2004) starring Helen Mirren. It is a fabulous movie. We soon learned that there was an entire video filmed that delivered on the promise of a new classic from the inventor of sex, Ms. Britney Spears. It was directed by David LaChapelle but scrapped at the last moment. You can see grainy footage of the original masterpiece here. Though we asked why we were denied this video, we were never given a straight answer and told to mind our business.

We heard one rumor that the video was too hot and Britney didn’t feel comfortable with it as a mother.

We also heard that Orange Theory was furious at the way they were represented in the original video with a TV carrying their logo being thrown into a pool.

Finally, we were told by Britney’s management that the real issue was the original video’s lack of plot. By this point though, we were very tired.

And though the video that was released was never exactly what we wanted. Britney’s performance at the VMA’s that August and most recently her celebrated World Tour, gave us everything we needed. Anyways, The Queen is on Netflix. It's good in a way that you don't have to pay too much attention to. 

Us watching Britney deny lip-syncing

Us watching Britney deny lip-syncing

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