THNK1994 Bachelor of the Month: David

In this monthly feature we find the hottest bachelor in the world and imagine what marrying them would entail.


This month’s bachelor is David, host of QVC’s In The Kitchen With David, Down Home David, and more. He is also the author of three cookbooks which have sold over half a million copies. Whether he’s showing you how to make a semi homemade apple crumble, pointing out a new gadget that will save you hours in the kitchen, or helping you get in touch with parts of yourself you long thought were dormant, it would be an honor to be David’s spouse. Not only is he one of QVC’s most familiar faces (and one of the most charming), he is a local celebrity in Pennsylvania.


You would be marrying into royalty and need to consider all that comes with that. All eyes would be on you. Imagine being spotted out way too late at the Valley Forge Casino Resort outside of West Chester, PA (David’s hometown) and having to explain yourself to David the next morning. He would probably respect you because David knows how important it is to keep people talking, but he also maybe has a really early day tomorrow. You have to think about his needs and work schedule first!


Know that David has a high stress job because QVC is live and sometimes he works 12 hour days working for 2, sometimes 3 hours at a time selling. On a day like this David could sell 100,000 units of product which, if the product was say 39.99 would translate to almost 4,000,000 dollars worth of sales. David would probably want to come home and party inside of his subdued but elegant home. Are you prepared to give him the night he has earned? He could theoretically want to snort line after line of cocaine while he shouts “100,000 units of product.” Or he may want to keep it light and eat beef carpaccio off of your naked, quivering body. You won’t know until he gets home and it’s your job to be ready for anything.

You’re basically marrying a Kennedy.

The house you and David maybe live in.

The house you and David maybe live in.

With someone like David, you’ll want to keep him on his toes. This could involve staging your own disappearance, attempting an unexplained large scale supermarket robbery, or simply using his credit card to purchase so many Josie Maran Argan Oil skincare products from QVC that it gets to the point of financial ruin. Maybe you have something else up your sleeve. Whatever you do just remember that David hates boring. The bottom line: KEEP IT FRESH.


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David doing his signature happy dance, if you do your job, you’'ll see this a lot.

David doing his signature happy dance, if you do your job, you’'ll see this a lot.

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