The THNK1994 Museum Presents:
Yama Kippi Yay Bo: A Celebration of Kim Cattrall
(or more specifically this YouTube clip).


Matt and Viviana, curators of The THNK1994 Museum are proud to announce our third and most specific exhibit which will mark the launch of our brand new storefront located at: 

1436 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11216

It is perhaps the greatest YouTube video ever made. In this 42-second long clip we see a rare glimpse of Kim at home, is she just like us? Ordering Seamless and plowing through Netflix? She is absolutely not and how dare you think she would be.

On the surface, it is simply a clip from a mid-2000’s documentary featuring Kim Cattrall performing a section of “The Little Dog’s Day” by Rupert Brooke accompanied on the upright bass by her then partner Mark Levinson (inventor of sound for Lexus sedans). But If you open your heart and let it get under your skin it will begin to move through your blood and burrow into your bones. Before you know it, you have transcended. It’s pure joy, an opus, a dream you can’t recall:

it’s Yama Kippi Yay Bo!

For the full text of the poem + a VERY different interpretative reading, see this YouTube video here.


As you can see this will be an exhibit with many YouTube links. We won’t stop there, expect very real and very big art, live performances and events, and an installation that will take you inside the YouTube video, “Yama Kippi YOU Bo”.

The events will include our opening night gala (the dress code will be Denim and Khaki **strictly enforced**), a Slam-antha Jones night of poetry, as well as a panel on the new Britney Spears Lifetime movie (opinions on it are mixed and therefore all points of views must be discussed). We’re hoping to get people who’ve been in the same room as Britney as panelists. The theme is “She’s really nice in real life.” Britney doesn’t cater her Instagram to “get likes” instead each post is a slap in the face that sends you spiraling in different directions. This is the mark of true celebrity. Matt can do the entire dance to “Make Me.”

Britney was in Crossroads with Kim Cattrall.

This exhibit aims to go through the wormhole that is Yama Kippi Yay Bo and unlock it’s true meaning. We will make it very comfortable and ask it to whisper its secrets into our ear. So far we’ve discovered a few seconds of the video completely match up to Lana Del Rey’s new song, we can only imagine that this explosive discovery is only the beginning.

It’s impossible to overestimate Kim Cattrall’s contributions to film and television but as an institution, we will try. She is a true, superstar celebrity that has been denied that status simply because she is fully aware of the fact that she is a true superstar celebrity. Much like Tonya landing the triple axel or Mary-Kate having bowls and bowls of cigarettes at her unfathomably chic wedding, this clip has been nothing short of inspirational to us and we hope this exhibit will not only spread the joy to more people but ultimately properly express our gratitude.


Join as we enter the vortex. You’ll feel us out, we’ll feel you out, and we’ll go for it.

featuring art and installations from: Laura Collins, Mike Denison, Derek Covington Smith, Rosa Escandon, Lindsay Montgomery, Natasha Winter-Best, Duke Todd, Tommy Do, Kady Ruth Ashcroft, Randy Glance, Heather Rohnert, MAVA, Lian Castillo, Joel Fernando and more!

Curated by Matt and Viviana

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