7 Steps To Dominate A Power Lunch

95% of business happens over lunch meetings. If you think you can just show up, dive into the basket of bread and walk out a winner you are woefully underprepared. Here are the 7 steps to power through your power lunch.

Arrive First

Whoever arrives first gets to make pivotal decisions. Is this table okay? Sparkling or flat? Is one of the chairs weird and wobbly? This is your opportunity to set the stage for your first impression.

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Ask the waiter questions

What’s the tallest item? Which salad is the prettiest? What do peppers taste like? Do they trust the chef? With their life? Being inquisitive shows you don’t accept anything at face value.



The way you sit is one of the most important decisions you can make. Choose powerful positions. The more uncomfortable contortions you can pull off consistently throughout the meeting will show your partner you are not only the master of your domain, you are the master of the meeting.


Communicate primarily through the art of facial expressions

Speaking is exhausting and can also tip your hand. Are they telling you a fun story or are they trying to get sensitive details about your future plans. Facial expressions are the key to staying in the conversation without letting trade secrets slip.


Know when to talk, when to listen, and when to pretend they aren’t there and leaf through a magazine

One of the strongest power moves but if used correctly can take the strongest opponent down several notches. Anyone can look at their phone but it takes a true lunch dom to get distracted by a magazine.


Get up and walk around

You’re a multitasker, and you need to get your steps. Take several short breaks to get your blood pumping. You’ll not only throw your partner off of their game but exercise helps us think clearer and you’ll return renewed.


Be the first to follow up!

For maximum impact, call and thank your companion for meeting you for lunch while they’re still in front of you.

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If you follow, these simple rules, you’re sure to make an impact and close the deal. For extra security, dress the part and wear this shirt honoring the Queen of lunches, Sharon Stone herself.

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